Main facts

WHO and WHAT we are

Alliance Legal Consulting Group is a national Russian law firm. We have been providing legal support to large businesses, including private investors and state corporations, through Russian and international legislative systems since 2010. The location of our offices and the comprehensive expertise of our lawyers offer a common legal space, which enables us to resolve tasks of different complexity in the sphere of economics.

Company history

Alliance Legal Consulting Group was founded by a group of partners with comprehensive legal expertise. The consultants come from different spheres including dispute resolution, asset structure and even the Department of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The unity and diversity of their experience and expertise laid the foundation stone for a legal firm that enjoys considerable resources and an impeccable reputation.


The company protects the interests of corporate clients in dispute resolution within the bounds of Russian and international law. The specialists of Alliance Legal Consulting Group accompany and consult deals and investment projects, and provide legal support for business restructuring. Our lawyers and detectives assist in investigating criminal cases in the sphere of economics and malfeasance. Our specialists use a variety of legal and economic mechanisms and apply the best practices to achieve the tasks set.

Special features

The advantage of Alliance Legal Consulting Group is the extensive legal expertise that we have gained in task-specific projects working alongside specialist lawyers, licensed private detectives, professional appraisers, bankruptcy trustees and certified specialists of the financial market. Another undeniable advantage is the standing scientific advisory board, which was founded with the aim to increase the effectiveness of legal protection of our clients ‘interests; a permanent body of this kind is unique in the Russian market of legal services. Before we undertake any legal task, it will be thoroughly analyzed by the experts of Alliance Legal Consulting Group, and an optimal strategy for protecting the client’s interests will be developed. This kind of approach is necessary to otain success in legal disputes and out-of-court conflicts as well as to pre-empt all financial, property and penal risks whenever a deal is concluded.


The law firm provides services that correspond with Russian and foreign standards. The Alliance Legal Consulting Group is skilled in the following practices:

  • practice of investment and tax law;
  • practice of corporate and labor law;
  • practice of dispute resolution;
  • practice of criminal law;
  • practice of bankruptcy support;
  • practice of land and property relations;
  • practice of private detectives and the search for assets.

The presence of the company in two major Russian cities - Moscow and Yekaterinburg – and in the financial center of the world – Dubai (UAE) – provides the clients with a common geographic area with account to all the opportunities of Russian and international legislative systems.