Private detectives and identifying assets

Economic Security Department provides the following services:
  • collecting and recording data on civil (arbitration) criminal cases under the procedure established by law;
  • studying the market, collecting information for future negotiations, detecting insolvent or unreliable partners;
  • detecting instances and investigating cases of illegal usage of trademarks and brand names, unfair competition, or disclosing information that leads to breaking commercial confidentiality;
  • finding out biographical and other personal data that characterize a certain person (with their written consent) when concluding labor or other types of contractual agreements;
  • searching for missing persons;
  • searching for property lost by individuals or enterprises, companies, institutions;
  • searching for a person, named debtor by enforcement order, searching for his/her property; searching for a child by enforcement order to remove them from a parent, on contractual basis with the plaintiff;
  • implementing anti-corruption measures in companies of all legal forms of ownership and providing commercial confidentiality.

Private investigation is an effective tool in disclosing corporate crimes (fraud, bribery, disclosure of secret information, i.e. of a commercial secret) as well as in implementing and taking preventive measures against corruption in companies and enterprises.