Practice of investment and tax law

About the practice

The high demand for the reliable investment products and the protection of investments formed the basis for creating a special practice of Alliance Legal CG in the field of investment and tax law.

The goal of the firm's lawyers and consultants within this joint practice is to increase the profitability of investments, improve assets, increase the liquidity of financial projects, and protect clients and their investments from unreasonable tax claims.

Practice includes several directions, which together form a broad toolkit for managing capital flow processes.

The tax specialization is built on many years of experience of successful consulting of medium and developed enterprises, including large taxpayers, as well as representation of their interests in complex tax disputes.

Priorities in the field of transaction support and investment projects are expediency, reliability and liquidity. Investment projects in which the firm participates are distinguished by careful financial analysis, rational approach to management issues, determination of a clear plan and reduction of legal risks for participants.

To provide high quality service within the framework of the practice, the firm unites expertise of specialists from the field of law, taxation and finance, real estate, securities, economic security, which allows to maximize clients' profit from asset management, minimize tax risks.

The form of the firm's participation differs depending on the type of project, from counseling to comprehensive support. Our approach creates an atmosphere of trust between the firm and the client, suggesting a direct interest in the success of the project.