Practice of investment and tax law

Direct Investment Management

  • complex support of the process of channeling funds into the capital of enterprises in order to profit through increased liquidity, improving corporate governance and reducing legal risks.

Real estate investment management

  • advising on transactions for the acquisition of commercial and industrial real estate in order to increase the liquidity of the object for further leasing or management, taking into account legal and economic risks;
  • consulting on the acquisition of real estate in foreign jurisdictions together with partners operating abroad.

Management of enterprises

  • support of investment activities related to investments in enterprises experiencing difficulties with operating liquidity, but possessing a high growth potential for the purpose of financial recovery and increase in profits through the introduction of crisis management and bringing activities in line with current legislation;
  • consulting and comprehensive support of business reorganization and structuring of assets of enterprises of various forms of ownership;
  • implementation in the interests of the client of the powers of the management bodies of the legal entity (as a management company, a member of the Board of Directors, etc.);
  • implementation of the rights of a shareholder or a participant in a legal entity (in the interests of the client)

Management of liquid receivables

  • acquisition of rights of claim for unfulfilled monetary obligations from the receipt of profit through mechanisms of extra-judicial or arbitration settlement of the conflict.

Tax consulting

  • advising on tax payments in the context of ongoing local and international transactions, including investment projects (optimization of the tax base, identification and assessment of risks of violation of tax legislation in the course of the transaction);
  • advising on tax legislation in connection with international business development plans, on issues of double taxation;
  • advising representative offices of foreign organizations on compliance with the norms of Russian tax legislation.

Services on pre-trial settlement of tax disputes

  • support of tax audits of the organization;
  • appealing decisions of tax authorities on bringing to responsibility for violation of tax laws in an administrative order.

The firm renders the following set of legal and consulting services within the framework of project:

  • legal due diligence of the investment object (Due Diligence);
  • financial inspection of the investment object (Financial Due Diligence);
  • legal verification of counterparties of legal entities (due diligence and KYC principle); negotiations with representatives of the investment object;
  • appraisal activity and financial analysis;
  • negotiations with representatives of credit institutions;
  • attraction of additional funds through direct investments;
  • analysis of the prospects of the industry, the geographical location and positions of the legal entity, the object of investment in the market (marketing research);
  • development of a business plan for the development of a legal entity;
  • advising on investment lending (bank guarantees) and interaction with financial and credit institutions;
  • development of plans and scenarios for return on investment; structuring of assets, transactions and investment projects, development and preparation of necessary legal documentation;
  • representation of interests in corporate procedures and implementation of the powers of corporate control;
  • representation of interests in administrative procedures for relations with regulators (the Central Bank of Russia, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Federal Tax Service and other supervisory bodies).