Corporate and labor law

About the practice

About Practice

The task of Alliance Legal CG is to provide the most complete and qualitative set of legal services for the effective operation of clients' businesses. The practice of corporate and labor law is aimed at providing high-quality service in the interests of both corporate clients and individuals (shareholders, employees of companies).

Our experts have considerable experience in advising shareholders, top managers of Russian companies on corporate governance, legal support for large transactions, concluding labor agreements, resolving labor disputes and migratory rights.

Opportunities of the company allow to protect interests in the framework of not only national, but also international corporate and labor legislation.

The practice is based on the expertise of lawyers and consultants with experience in various areas of legislation and deep industry knowledge. For a comprehensive and effective solution of clients' tasks, specialists in the field of economics, finance and evaluation, who have experience in scientific and practical activities, are involved in the work.

Cooperation with expert organizations provides thorough understanding of business processes, conducting expert assessments, qualitative analysis of business units and holding structures, valuation of real estate and transport facilities.

The work of the company's lawyers was marked by numerous projects implemented with high efficiency, which allowed to maximize profits and reduce the risks of customers. Corporate and labor practice of the firm covers a complex of legal services for business related to both current activities and changes in organizational structure.