Corporate and labor law

Advising on corporate and labor law issues.

  • advising organizations on legal risks in the current economic activity;
  • comprehensive legal analysis of organizations for compliance with Russian legislation, development of a legal risk map (Due Diligence);
  • legal expertise of transactions made for compliance with legislation and the strength of the client's positions;
  • legal analysis and development of documentation regulating labor relations;
  • advice on the termination of labor contracts, including the severance of labor relations with employees in senior positions;
  • consulting on legal risks of staff reduction;
  • consulting on hiring foreign citizens.

Acquisition and sale of assets. Mergers and acquisitions.

  • analysis of legal risks of the transaction and assessment of its compliance with the norms of Russian law;
  • development and implementation of a step-by-step plan for structuring the transaction;
  • the implementation of legal due diligence (Due Diligence) of the asset;
  • participation in the negotiation process with counterparties; development of joint-stock and / or partnership agreements;
  • development of contract documentation for the sale / purchase of the asset;
  • support of the transaction process;
  • ensuring the actual implementation of the agreements reached within the framework of the transaction.

Antitrust regulation

  • advising organizations on compliance with antimonopoly legislation;
  • interaction with antimonopoly authorities on establishment / restructuring of the organization with a view to obtaining prior approval;
  • interaction with antimonopoly authorities on matters relating to transactions with shares (stakes), property and the rights of organizations;
  • resolution of disputes with the antimonopoly authority (FAS Russia).

Support of the activities of representative offices in Russia (Doing Business in Russia).

  • advising foreign organizations on the norms of Russian legislation;
  • the development of road map on legal issues, including corporate, tax, labor, migration and commercial legislation, in connection with plans to enter the Russian market;
  • consulting in connection with the acquisition of assets in the territory of Russia;
  • creation, reorganization, liquidation of representative offices on the territory of Russia.

Corporate and labor extrajudicial disputes.

  • advising organizations in connection with entering into a corporate conflict on legal risks and compliance with the norms of Russian legislation; representation of the interests of shareholders and company officials in the framework of a corporate conflict;
  • development and implementation of a plan of measures to restore corporate control, return / sale of the debtor's assets;
  • representation of interests in disputes with regulating state bodies and professional organizations.