Dispute solution practice

About the practice

The practice of dispute resolution is one of the key and system-forming in the activity of Alliance Legal CG. Several hundred clients have applied for the services of the firm: from local private enterprises to transcontinental joint-stock companies. The firm's lawyers carried out more than three hundred complex projects on resolving disputes in extrajudicial procedure and arbitration proceedings. The statistics of the won cases exceed 91%.

The firm carries out representation of interests of clients in all instances of legal proceedings and on various categories of disputes. Lawyers have an excellent knowledge of all procedures for the work of arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. An unshakable principle of the work of lawyers is the protection of the client's interests for the final result - up to the highest instances of the judicial system: the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The firm represents the interests of clients in all categories of disputes, including commercial, property disputes, administrative disputes, protection of honor and dignity.

The approach of the firm involves the possibility of participating in the case at various stages. The most promising situation arises when the client applies before the case goes to court proceedings. At this stage, there is an opportunity to implement agreements in the interests of the parties. In the event of impossibility of pre-trial settlement, lawyers participate at all stages of the trial. In certain cases, the lawyers of our firm enter the case already at the stage of appeal or cassation after an assessment of the prospects of the dispute and the strategy used previously.

Alliance Legal CG offers a range of services, including a full range of dispute resolution issues:

  • counseling to determine the grounds for legal action or the cancellation of a judicial act;
  • advising on the prospects and risks of the dispute in the pre-trial and judicial process;
  • counseling on the practice of court cases of this kind;
  • development of a dispute resolution strategy;
  • the negotiation of an extra-judicial settlement of the dispute;
  • collection of evidence and development of lawsuits, transfer to court proceedings;
  • development of legal position;
  • representation of client's interests in all instances of arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • enforcement of decisions of foreign courts, representation of interests in enforcement proceedings in the enforcement of judicial acts;
  • ensuring the actual enforcement of the judgment.

Lawyers have experience in resolving disputes of various categories, including those that involve knowledge of the industry aspects of clients' activities.


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