Dispute solution practice

Disputes in the framework of economic relations
  • corporate disputes;
  • commercial (administrative) disputes;
  • administrative disputes (with governmental bodies);
  • tax disputes;
  • anti-monopoly disputes;
  • property disputes, land disputes, construction disputes;
  • disputes on violation of copyright, intellectual rights, disputes over issues of ownership, licensing disputes;
  • customs disputes;
  • labor disputes;
  • bankruptcy proceeding disputes;
  • disputes over the protection of business reputation.
Industry disputes
  • disputes between energy sector and oil and gas sector participants;
  • disputes over electric power and heat power consumption;
  • public procurement disputes;
  • insurance disputes;
  • banking disputes;
  • Investment disputes, financial disputes, default disputes, bond disputes;
  • ecological disputes;
  • disputes of IT market participants;
  • disputes over issues of trade, retail, retail chain development;
  • consumer disputes.
Private disputes
  • housing disputes;
  • disputes on the protection of honor and dignity;
  • family disputes: hereditary matters, property issues, divorce, recovery of alimony and the determination of the place of residence, the order of communication with the child;
  • proprietorship disputes and disputes over real estate utilization;
  • disputes over administrative and criminal law infringement;
  • debt recovery, damages recovery, including recovery of damage from non-contractual liability.