Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings

About the practice

The law firm Alliance Legal CG provides legal support for bankruptcy either in the interests of the company that initiates the procedure or in the interests of the creditors.

The experience of our lawyers and consultants enables us to perform the bankruptcy proceedings in due course and in a timely manner, minimizing the risk of financial losses. To control the proceedings, our firm collaborates with professional trustees on a constant basis.

The top priority in this practice is to protect the client’s interests, to preserve his/her financial assets and property. The company has an experience of providing legal support for large projects, where bankruptcy procedures involved groups of legal bodies. As a result of the proceedings, the clients received their funds.

Attracting the company to protect the client’s interests in bankruptcy proceedings can minimize and totally prevent financial losses; it can also help control the time for the procedure and level the legal risks for beneficiaries.

The company constantly analyzes the legislative framework and law enforcement practice to create optimal tools to protect the client’s interest in bankruptcy proceedings.