Criminal law

Representing the client’s interests in criminal cases:
  • developing the strategy for court protection;
  • identifying the circumstances of the crime;
  • participating in the interrogation as a witness, suspect, defendant or claimant;
  • participating in the investigation;
  • participating in collecting evidence;
  • organizing forensic examination;
  • representing the client in preliminary inquiry;
  • representing the client in the course of legal proceedings;
  • appealing against actions and regulations made by officials;
  • appealing against judicial proceedings;
  • appealing against judicial proceedings in European Court of Human Rights.
Consulting corporate clients on criminal law:
  • legal analysis of corporate documentation for criminal legal risks;
  • legal analysis of transactions for criminal legal risks;
  • advising on the risks of violation of criminal legislation on corruption;
  • instructing employees on the risks of committing economic crimes;
  • investigation of the facts of violation of criminal law by employees.