Internship in ALCG

Mentoring (mentoring / mentoring) - learning by providing in different types of learner models of actions and their adjustment through feedback. One of the methods for training staff, when a more experienced employee shares his knowledge, skills and skills with an inexperienced novice for a certain time.

Alliance Legal CG provides an opportunity for young and future-oriented future lawyers to begin their careers during their studies.

Students of higher education institutions (starting from the 2nd year), who study in the specialty "jurisprudence" and who want to combine their training with legal practice, have an opportunity to undergo an internship in our company with the prospect of finding a job.

For the trainee who has been selected and interviewed with a partner of the Company, during the internship, the curator (mentor), responsible for the future specialist's participation in Alliance Legal CG projects, is assigned.

Upon completion of the internship on the basis of the curator's report, the partners of the Company may decide to employ an intern as a freelancer with the establishment of a remuneration, or to enroll an intern in the Company's staff.

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